Tuesday, 25 December 2012


Absolutely in love with all my Christmas presents! My boots are by far the favourite, i'm actually in love with them. Even though they've cut into my foot already but ill have to break them in:(. My main present was my bed, which i got about 1-2 month ago to get it out of the way before Christmas so I didn't have to move my room about and put everything together. My new coat is so perfect I love it so much, especially the colour and the feel of it it's so perfect. Can't wait to start wearing all my new clothes! I got some clothes from Motel too, palm print jeans which iv'e ALWAYS wanted, and a off the shoulder black skater dress what i'm going to wear for new year with my new boots. I also love my new Lauren's Way rollers! I always roller my hair especially before a party because I hate using curling wands and straightners because im trying to make my hair grow, so this was a perfect present! I also got some cosmetic goodies such as showering stuff and an electric toothbrush, I got some cute mittens too what I can wear with my new coat! Oh and my dad bought me a massive sketchbook and sketch pad for my art at college! I decided to make a little collage^^ of a couple of my favorite gifts :-).

Oh, and one more thing, I decided to buy some Red Disco pants from American Apparel last week, I bought them 2nd hand for £39 pound, bargain! They're in perfect condition, too!

Couldn't have asked for better Christmas presents, my Christmas dinner was soooo yummy aswell, I was the only one who could finish it all and I went back for extra pigs in blankets and yorkshire puddings haha. Hope who ever is reading this had a great Christmas and hoped they got everything they wanted :-)!

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