Sunday, 27 January 2013


I love these Tropical print jeans so much but they're definitely not worth the price and the hassle. I got them in the Nastygal sale for £37 instead of something like £77, I was so happy because i'd had my eye on these for ages. I decided to buy them but I wanted them for Christmas day but it was 2 weeks away. I was thinking about getting express delivery, but then I just got normal because it was £25, the normal delivery was £9 (rip off!). I was also hoping I wouldn't get caught by customs, then I did! £17 pounds later I eventually got my jeans after about 4 weeks of waiting, also they're big too. Which I don't understand because I got W26, surely I can't be a W25! Anyway, I got bored today so I decided to take some outfit pictures.

The last picture was of my healthy dinner yesterday. I was so proud haha, I whipped this meal up within about 3 minutes! I've never tasted avocado before and I've seen some pictures on tumblr and it looks tasty, so i'd thought to give it a try. The mackerel was so tasty too.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Palms to the sky

Ah I can't stop wearing my disco pants, I love them but they're so bright! These boots paired with them just makes an amazing outfit, I wish I had a nice coat to pair with this to layer on for the cold weather. I woke up this morning feeling like E.T, looking rough so I decided to shove my hair up in a half up half down bun. Also I've decided to wear eyeliner now and again, I actually like it because it makes my eyes look bigger than they are and I love the liquid one. Oh, and also I joined the gym on Monday, I'm so happy because i've wanted to loose this Christmas weight and tone up for so long it's been getting me down! I'm glad i've joined now, 20 minutes running on the tredmill is definitely worth a good  body haha!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Tartan & Ombre

Haha, i'm so happy its snowing! I actually love the snow and I can't wait to go sledging tonight. Today I decided to wear my tartan jeans from Topshop, with my wellies because no way I was wearing anything which would have made my feet cold. I had college and I woke up late this morning so I had to shove this ugly coat on, i've had it for ages now I hate it but it keeps me warm. I'm so happy on Sunday I went out to buy a new camera! I came home with a new Nikon D3100, it's so big and professional I love it so much! Finally, I decided to dip dye my hair ombre last week because it's kind of popping in and out of fashion and i've seen some inspiration around tumblr so I decided to buy the Loreal Ombre hair dip dye kit! P.s, sorry if my hair looks really flat on some of these pictures I was absolutely freezing I could barely move.

Monday, 7 January 2013


At new years I was so excited to wear my new motel dress what I got for Christmas, then I found out my friend had the same dress so I had to go out and buy something new because she was working all day so she couldn't change her outfit, nightmare! Nevermind, I found a skirt which I really liked so I decided to wear that with a black crop top. I really liked the outfit I wore while i was searching for something to wear, i'm in love with my new coat and more in love with my new boots! I also really want another coat from Topshop, its fur and ombre dip dye black and grey but I don't know if it's worth spending £89 on it?! Argh.