Sunday, 27 January 2013


I love these Tropical print jeans so much but they're definitely not worth the price and the hassle. I got them in the Nastygal sale for £37 instead of something like £77, I was so happy because i'd had my eye on these for ages. I decided to buy them but I wanted them for Christmas day but it was 2 weeks away. I was thinking about getting express delivery, but then I just got normal because it was £25, the normal delivery was £9 (rip off!). I was also hoping I wouldn't get caught by customs, then I did! £17 pounds later I eventually got my jeans after about 4 weeks of waiting, also they're big too. Which I don't understand because I got W26, surely I can't be a W25! Anyway, I got bored today so I decided to take some outfit pictures.

The last picture was of my healthy dinner yesterday. I was so proud haha, I whipped this meal up within about 3 minutes! I've never tasted avocado before and I've seen some pictures on tumblr and it looks tasty, so i'd thought to give it a try. The mackerel was so tasty too.


  1. Your trousers are amazing! I love your style!