Sunday, 24 March 2013


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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Black & Blue

Yesterday was the coldest day ever. I went on a school trip with my Photography class, to Durham and South Shields, the weather was awful. All day I wanted to take photographs but at the same time I wanted to protect my camera, it's my baby aha. I wore my Levi denim jacket, with my black riding pants, I wore a big granny cardigan underneath my jacket to keep my warm but it didn't really do the job. I also wore my cutout boots, they weren't exactly keeping me warm or protecting me from the mud but at least they looked nice!

I go to New York next Saturday! I'm so so excited I can't wait to take tons of pictures and eat tons of American food. I'll come back twice as big as I left. I especially can't wait to go shopping, see the Statue of Liberty and visit the Empire State Building! Ah, it's all so exciting, i'm also excited to fly too because I love flying!! Watch out for my New York post in the next couple of weeks :-).

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Summer Inspiration 2013

Scrolling through tumblr and seeing images like this just makes me want to go on holiday so much. I'm so glad i'm going to Turkey at the end of August this year, because I can't just cope with English sun, it will probably be snowing in July. I'm so excited to buy tons of summer clothes soon, denim overalls, tie dye clothing, bikinis, crop tops, shorts, I better get saving. Also, I hope I pass my driving test by summer. I've only had 5 now, but I just want to go on so many road trips in the summer and just drive so many places and make tons of memories. I love the idea driving because you can do so much more. I really wish I lived somewhere like Australia because they have hot sun most of the year. I'll just have to put up with English sun for now :-)

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Disco, Disco, Disco

I love my disco pant so much, definitely a staple piece in my wardrobe! My white converse are absolutely awful they definitely need a wash. I also love this jacket too, I have 2 fur collar denim jacket but the other shade of blue doesn't really go well with the disco pants. I've been thinking about getting the black pair because i've wanted a pair for so long, but I really can't afford it right now with New York round the corner. (2 weeks on Saturday) Aaaaah, I really don't know what the whether is like there, i'm guessing it's freezing, but still. I really don't have a clue I want to dress nice but wrap up warm too.

I'm running out of clothes, I really am. I haven't bought myself any type of clothing since Christmas, and for me thats pretty much a miracle. Saving up is soooo hard it really is, but it will be worth it. I literally have no outfits to wear anymore, especially for college I have nothing I look like an absolute tramp argh. As soon as New York is out the way i'm spending so much money on new clothes, so I can post tons more of outfit posts. This is such a boring post but I really wanted to post something about my disco pants because I haven't worn them for aaaaaaaaaages!

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Hair Growth

Okay, so I cut my hair towards the end of last year and now I regret it so much, it's going to take forever to grow, so I decided to do some research and find out what speeds up your hair growth. Last year I bought the Mane n Tail Deep Mousurizing conditioner, it really helped my hair and really sped up the growth! So I decided to go all out and buy both the shampoo and conditioner. I purchased them from ebay for £8.25 for both of them. I really recommend them because they really help! After doing a lot of research, I seen that the Shampoo really strips your hair of it's natural oils so it's only supposed to be used once a week, and straight after the shampoo, use the conditioner to condition the hair (obviously).

After college, I was waiting around for  a while do I decided to pop in Boots, and then I seen the Organix products on the shelf and they were literally screaming my name, although the big bottles were £7.99 (rip off!). I then seen that they had smaller bottles for £1.99 each, so out of 3 different bottles I chose the Moroccan argon oil, I only got the smaller bottles because I wanted to test them out first, there was 2 other bottles one was for Kertain smoothness and the other was Coconut milk, it was a touch decision but I got there in the end!

On the opposite shelf I seen a big sign saying '2 for £8', as the John Freida products were £5 each, after waiting for about 10 minutes trying to choose which 2 (again) I eventually chose the Styling Spray and the Deep Conditioner. I used the Deep Conditioner the other day after I washed my hair with Tresemme shampoo, and it felt sooooo smooth I really do love it. I've only used it once though! Along with the tyling spray, I used it before I curled my hair a couple of days ago!

I will write another blog post in a couple of weeks to see how these products are really helping my hair growth!

Friday, 8 March 2013

Summer Nights

To begin with, once again i'm struggling to put 2 images into one:'( getting me so frustrated! Anyway, this was before I went out for a meal with my boyfriend. We went to Frankie & Benny's, I wish we went to TGI Fridays or somewhere now because I didn't enjoy it as I expected too but it was still nice. I wore this black crop mesh top paired with my denim levi's and my winter tights because it was freezing! Although in these shorts and crop top it definitely feels like summer is approaching. So excited for light summer nights with BBQ's ect! On these photographs I look sooo stumpy and short when i'm really not!? I'm like 5.6-7ft ha?! I decided to curl my hair probably since the first time this year, I should really start making more of an effort into my appearance haha i'm so lazy, especially for college.

Secondly, my boyfriend randomly bought me a cute pandora charm! How cute, it's the little love heart lock with the key, it can add to the collection with the rest he has bought haha! Also, omg I love how cute my new little underwear set is!! I only got them from Primark, they looks so cute as if they're from somewhere a lot better. They're so frilly and cute, for £6 too! I had to take some photo's and put them on blogger! Anyway, I WILL definitely post my hair growth products ill be using to hopefully 'make my hair grow', I said it on my last one but totally forgot to take photographs of them.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Plain Jane

After 45 minutes of trying to find out how to put 2 images together side by side somehow, I gave in! I don't have any posh software, e.g Photoshop. I downloaded Gimp but that didn't help, it was just going slow and kept crashing! So I gave in :-). Anyway, on this photograph i'm wearing a sleeveless blouse I purchased from a charity shop last year, I'm currently selling it so message me if you would like to buy it via: or! I'm also selling some clothes on ebay (Good quality mainly from Topshop), I will link my eBay below after!

So today I went to college and then in my Art lesson I got bored and decided to make a CV, because I currently work in a Pizza Shop and the long tiring busy hours is getting boring, I'd prefer a retail shop job near my college, so it will be easy to go to and from college. Quite a few shops actually took my CV and told me there was some jobs going, but main ones such as H&M, Debenhams and Republic told me to go online. So, hopefully within the next couple of weeks at least 1 places will offer me a job :-(.

A couple of months back I cut my hair really short, short as in just below my shoulders. Yes, I regret it so so so so much. I loved it at the time because it was a new thing for me, considering I got so much cut off because it was dead anyway! It's now growing to an awkward length where I just want it long:'(. Yesterday I purchased some hair goodies which includes John Freida and oil shampoo, my next post will me on my hair growth :-).

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