Sunday, 10 March 2013

Hair Growth

Okay, so I cut my hair towards the end of last year and now I regret it so much, it's going to take forever to grow, so I decided to do some research and find out what speeds up your hair growth. Last year I bought the Mane n Tail Deep Mousurizing conditioner, it really helped my hair and really sped up the growth! So I decided to go all out and buy both the shampoo and conditioner. I purchased them from ebay for £8.25 for both of them. I really recommend them because they really help! After doing a lot of research, I seen that the Shampoo really strips your hair of it's natural oils so it's only supposed to be used once a week, and straight after the shampoo, use the conditioner to condition the hair (obviously).

After college, I was waiting around for  a while do I decided to pop in Boots, and then I seen the Organix products on the shelf and they were literally screaming my name, although the big bottles were £7.99 (rip off!). I then seen that they had smaller bottles for £1.99 each, so out of 3 different bottles I chose the Moroccan argon oil, I only got the smaller bottles because I wanted to test them out first, there was 2 other bottles one was for Kertain smoothness and the other was Coconut milk, it was a touch decision but I got there in the end!

On the opposite shelf I seen a big sign saying '2 for £8', as the John Freida products were £5 each, after waiting for about 10 minutes trying to choose which 2 (again) I eventually chose the Styling Spray and the Deep Conditioner. I used the Deep Conditioner the other day after I washed my hair with Tresemme shampoo, and it felt sooooo smooth I really do love it. I've only used it once though! Along with the tyling spray, I used it before I curled my hair a couple of days ago!

I will write another blog post in a couple of weeks to see how these products are really helping my hair growth!

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