Friday, 8 March 2013

Summer Nights

To begin with, once again i'm struggling to put 2 images into one:'( getting me so frustrated! Anyway, this was before I went out for a meal with my boyfriend. We went to Frankie & Benny's, I wish we went to TGI Fridays or somewhere now because I didn't enjoy it as I expected too but it was still nice. I wore this black crop mesh top paired with my denim levi's and my winter tights because it was freezing! Although in these shorts and crop top it definitely feels like summer is approaching. So excited for light summer nights with BBQ's ect! On these photographs I look sooo stumpy and short when i'm really not!? I'm like 5.6-7ft ha?! I decided to curl my hair probably since the first time this year, I should really start making more of an effort into my appearance haha i'm so lazy, especially for college.

Secondly, my boyfriend randomly bought me a cute pandora charm! How cute, it's the little love heart lock with the key, it can add to the collection with the rest he has bought haha! Also, omg I love how cute my new little underwear set is!! I only got them from Primark, they looks so cute as if they're from somewhere a lot better. They're so frilly and cute, for £6 too! I had to take some photo's and put them on blogger! Anyway, I WILL definitely post my hair growth products ill be using to hopefully 'make my hair grow', I said it on my last one but totally forgot to take photographs of them.

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