Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Plain Jane

After 45 minutes of trying to find out how to put 2 images together side by side somehow, I gave in! I don't have any posh software, e.g Photoshop. I downloaded Gimp but that didn't help, it was just going slow and kept crashing! So I gave in :-). Anyway, on this photograph i'm wearing a sleeveless blouse I purchased from a charity shop last year, I'm currently selling it so message me if you would like to buy it via: or! I'm also selling some clothes on ebay (Good quality mainly from Topshop), I will link my eBay below after!

So today I went to college and then in my Art lesson I got bored and decided to make a CV, because I currently work in a Pizza Shop and the long tiring busy hours is getting boring, I'd prefer a retail shop job near my college, so it will be easy to go to and from college. Quite a few shops actually took my CV and told me there was some jobs going, but main ones such as H&M, Debenhams and Republic told me to go online. So, hopefully within the next couple of weeks at least 1 places will offer me a job :-(.

A couple of months back I cut my hair really short, short as in just below my shoulders. Yes, I regret it so so so so much. I loved it at the time because it was a new thing for me, considering I got so much cut off because it was dead anyway! It's now growing to an awkward length where I just want it long:'(. Yesterday I purchased some hair goodies which includes John Freida and oil shampoo, my next post will me on my hair growth :-).

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