Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Black & Blue

Yesterday was the coldest day ever. I went on a school trip with my Photography class, to Durham and South Shields, the weather was awful. All day I wanted to take photographs but at the same time I wanted to protect my camera, it's my baby aha. I wore my Levi denim jacket, with my black riding pants, I wore a big granny cardigan underneath my jacket to keep my warm but it didn't really do the job. I also wore my cutout boots, they weren't exactly keeping me warm or protecting me from the mud but at least they looked nice!

I go to New York next Saturday! I'm so so excited I can't wait to take tons of pictures and eat tons of American food. I'll come back twice as big as I left. I especially can't wait to go shopping, see the Statue of Liberty and visit the Empire State Building! Ah, it's all so exciting, i'm also excited to fly too because I love flying!! Watch out for my New York post in the next couple of weeks :-).

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