Saturday, 2 March 2013

Cambridge Satchel

This is such a random post, before work today I was bored so I decided to pair a random outfit together and take some outfit photos in the garden. I love my new cambridge satchel I just throw it on with any outfit, if it actually goes obviously. I love this skirt but I bought it from Primark the other day and it was an 8, although it said on the coat hanger it was a 6, but I wasn't too sure about it anyway because it doesn't really suit me so I'm debating whether to take it back, although I really like the slit in it. And, I was looking through my drawers and came across this hat I bought like 2 year ago to go to London, so I decided to shove this on, along with my amaaaaaazing cut out boots! Oh, and please excuse my pale legs aha, they're so pale they look bright.

My lifes been so boring lately, consisting of work and college work, I can't wait to have time off and go to New York at the end of March. I haven't been able to spend any of my money either because i'm saving up for my spending money, I'm hoping to see so many landscapes and landmarks and take hundreds of photographs and shop, obviously! It's half past midnight, I better get to sleep.