Sunday, 17 March 2013

Summer Inspiration 2013

Scrolling through tumblr and seeing images like this just makes me want to go on holiday so much. I'm so glad i'm going to Turkey at the end of August this year, because I can't just cope with English sun, it will probably be snowing in July. I'm so excited to buy tons of summer clothes soon, denim overalls, tie dye clothing, bikinis, crop tops, shorts, I better get saving. Also, I hope I pass my driving test by summer. I've only had 5 now, but I just want to go on so many road trips in the summer and just drive so many places and make tons of memories. I love the idea driving because you can do so much more. I really wish I lived somewhere like Australia because they have hot sun most of the year. I'll just have to put up with English sun for now :-)

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