Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Palms to the sky

Ah I can't stop wearing my disco pants, I love them but they're so bright! These boots paired with them just makes an amazing outfit, I wish I had a nice coat to pair with this to layer on for the cold weather. I woke up this morning feeling like E.T, looking rough so I decided to shove my hair up in a half up half down bun. Also I've decided to wear eyeliner now and again, I actually like it because it makes my eyes look bigger than they are and I love the liquid one. Oh, and also I joined the gym on Monday, I'm so happy because i've wanted to loose this Christmas weight and tone up for so long it's been getting me down! I'm glad i've joined now, 20 minutes running on the tredmill is definitely worth a good  body haha!

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