Monday, 22 April 2013

Chanel Lips

 Sorry for the lack of boringness in my outfit, and the really crappy background of my room, this was a shot after I just got in from college and I have no where else to take photographs, apart from my room:( I'm hoping to get my room all decorated, although I only last got it done about 1 year ago, never mind  I'm hoping to find some brick print wall paper and a large clothes rail instead of my wardrobes, this is all inspired by lulutrixabelle! I love her bedroom so much although I could never get mine as good as hers because mines so small! Although I do have a huge cut out in my wall where my TV goes and other bits and bobs and shelves.

Anyway, in this photograph i'm wearing my new Chanel lipstick! Yay! I love it, it almost lasts me a full day of college! Wow! I'm now on the hunt for white nail varnish. I seen a pretty one from O.P.I but it's a little bit on the pricey side, oh and i'm also hunting for palm prints! I'm in love, and oh i'm also dying my hair silver this week! Yay for me, i'm currently a virgin to hair dye right now as i've never dyed my hair, good luck with me on this one.

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