Wednesday, 17 April 2013

New York

First of all, i'm extremely sorry for not posting in a long long while! Everything was so overwhelming trying to get all my clothes sorted for New York and college and stuff. Second of all, sorry for the such heavy photo post!! Although I love every single one of these images, as I took over 600 in New York so I had to shorten them down!

About 2 weeks ago I went to New York City. Oh my god it was probably the most amazing experience ever! The sightseeing was actually spectacular! I would love to visit again, I can now tick that off my bucket list!

Throughout the holiday (I went for 3 full days, Saturday-Thursday, 2 days were mainly travelling) we visited Grand Central Station, Central Park, Museum of Natural History, Statue of Liberty (the skyline is amazing), 9/11 Memorial, Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, Shopping in Soho, 5th Avenue and Times Square. Although our hostel was 1 bock away from Times square, literally walk out of the hostel walk around the corner and wow!! In our free time late evening we just went shopping around Times Square.

I spent over $300 on makeup! Argh seriously I barely even wear it, including lipstick from Chanel!! I found that when we got time given to shop (I went with college), it was hard to look around in about 2 hours when we got to a location we would have free time. It was hard to find the good shops because we didn't know our way round so we just randomly walked places hoping we would find good shops. In soho, I found an American Apparel, I was so tempted to buy so much more stuff but I had to stop myself! I bought the Jersey T-Shirt Romper in Grey and the Corduroy Circle Skirt in Black! I love the Romper but I found it a little bit short and tight, maybe I should have purchased the size up because I find unless i'm on holiday or it's really really hot, i'll have to wear tights, but I'm still in love with it! The Corduroy skirt is perfect, it's like a total new edition to the skater skirt, I love it, it will definitely be a staple piece for my Spring/Summer wardrobe!! I also spent tons of dollars on Benefit makeup, I love it so much I have a new addiction, oh and I also bought some MAC foundation, which is really good, it makes me look really natural and light!

I hope I visit New York again, I took some unbelievable photographs (using Nikon D3100) which I am very very proud of! Sorry for the post overload but it had to be done!

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